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The Krumbenowe Merchant Settlement, most of all, is a gathering of enthusiasts and isn’t limited by age, gender, or profession. This isn’t purely a Living History (LH) event, although this is an important educational part of it that we emphasize. The primary focus of this event is the popularization of archeology and the presentation of history as such, the reconstruction of crafts based on experimental archeology, and as much of an interactive approach as possible.

Are you the one we’re looking for?

If you’re interested in experimental archeology, or perhaps you’re good at some historical craft or the archeology in general and you’d like to speak about it, sharing your passion with kids and adults, you’re in the right place. Write us!

But if the above doesn’t apply to you, but you’d still like to be part of it, we’ve created a volunteer program just for you. And if it doesn’t work out this year, then maybe next year.

The event lasts two days (one weekend). You can come for both days (which is better) or one, as you choose. We also welcome volunteers during the week before and after the event (preparing then clearing the grounds). For crafts, we prefer an interactive approach, but this isn’t a strict condition. The Merchant Settlement has two sections – the Living History section with strict costume and craft conditions, and the non-Living History section where pretty much anything is allowed, so long as it’s related to crafts or presentations of history and archeology. You have to arrange your own transportation, but then we’ll provide the food and drinks and we’ll set you up in the event grounds. How you set up your station and how you present your art – that’s entirely up to you.

All that we require is:

  • a positive mood

  • a desire to work tirelessly with people (including kids)

  • an enthusiasm for history and craft (you can be fanatical)

  • a gusto for improvisation

  • a reasonable sense of finances

  • early application time (or cancellation!!!)

No problem? Then write us quick!

We look forward to seeing you!

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